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WizAdvisor - Better service, more & effective selling

Value-added online-marketing:

The WizAdvisor is an innovative and effective tool, that helps enterprises with a broad product or service range, to promote their offers to clients and customers. Thousands of customers have used the intelligent WizAdvisor software to find and buy products.

Like a good sales advisor, the WizAdvisor has a dialogue with customers, asking questions about usage and needs, and then presents the best suited products or services. The software's integration and maintenance features are fast and easy to handle, like you would expect from a tool, that sets the industry standard to the next level.

WizAdvisor virtual advice

  • Measure ROI (more orders, up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Satisfied customers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Worthy market data about customer needs
  • User Community (Web 2.0) Involvement
  • Reduce costs

The new WizAdvisor 4.0. allows now to let the user community influence the rating of product or service. The community know-how will complement the expert knowledge in the database, for an optimum result in the advisor process. Another powerful new feature is a decentralised access for product owners, with an individuel login - so you can distribute the task of setup and configuration to various owners. Additionally we offer a marketing feature: user can program an agent with their personal profile in order to receive personalised information on new products or services.

We offer the unique tools you need to make your website successful! Licenses are available for either your small shop or the ultimate and tailormade guided selling turnkey solution for your e-business or enterprise.

Our goal is to increase your service level and boost your sales: For satisfied customers and your strategic advantage!