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How long does it take for the WizAdvisor to be set up?

The Setup depends on the scale of the projects. Small-scale projects are usually setup within 2 days while others last 8 to 16 weeks from the start to the end of the project. A project consists of designing the questions according to the target audience, product configuration, uploading of the product data, user-interface set up in the respective languages and then installation and finalizing of the design based on your corporate identity.

What are the benefits at the Point of Sale?

At the Point of Sale the WizAdvisor is helpful to guide the assistant through large portfolios or give customers the possibility to assistence at self service points.

Shops with assistants that aren’t fully trained will be able to use it to empower them to provide good advice. The WizAdvisor can always be available through a terminal or simply through a PC at your work desk or through a local version in a notebook.

What are the benefits for the call centre?

With the WizAdvisor the call centre agents have software at hand that allows them to provide a competent consultation without any prior knowledge of the products.

What is the benefit for the online-shop operators?

High quality consultancy earns loyalty from customers and leads to notably increased sales; a good consultation reduces the amount of returned items, positive differentiation from your competitors, simple navigation and choice from your portfolio, the possibility of integration with the online shop and highly relevant statistical information about preferences and wishes of your customers.

What are the benefits for manufacturers’ websites?

You and your customer’s profit: from the offered service, from differentiation from competitors, clear presentation of your portfolio, and higher web user rate. Sales partners with assistants that aren’t fully trained are then empowered at the POS. The call-to-action leads users to online-shops and call centers, to increase sales. Also, benefit from highly relevant statistical information about your customers’ preferences and needs, from simple maintenance to the capability of being used internationally.

When does the WizAdvisor investment reach break even point?

The WizAdvisor breaks even rather quickly, thanks to low start up costs and the fact that the WizAdvisor triggers sales. A consultation through the WizAdvisor costs around the €-cent range and allows the possibility of competent consultation with an unbeatable price. On top, valuable and otherwise expensive statistical data about your customers needs and preferences are included.

How does the WizAdvisor compare to other so called guided-sales tools or selection assistants in terms of functional range?

Selection aids or guided sales tools can now be found more commonly on the internet – but these are often just used as a gimmick. Customers, who have spent time in order to seek advice, don’t get a reasonable result and are left feeling frustrated. The WizAdvisor is in a league of its own in terms of selection assistants. Some of the most important characteristics that make the WizAdvisor different from others are: more competent advice through a complex consultation process, more choice of consultation modules, secure results for the user, for the supplier there is easy maintenance and updating, flexible adaptations and extensive statistical data in the Backend. Our aim is to have the best selection and consulting assistant on the market, we are constantly developing the WizAdvisor further – which our customers benefit from.

How much does the WizAdvisor cost?

Our price model is based on a fee for a yearly license, calculated according to user numbers and usage. Your first benefit from this model is that you do not need to make a big investment to get started. So you can easily test it, watch the return on investment, and go ahead based on your actual business needs. The usage factor means that large online-shops have to pay more than a small supplier would but also benefits from a greater profit. Similarly, having only one product group or offering the service in just one country has fewer expenses than for a broader range. During the duration of the contract, our customers enjoy the advantages of software care and the possibility of low cost upgrades.

For a limited test, we offer also a favorable start up license, and once you decide to go for a longer term with the WizAdvisor or use it on a wider scope, you can profit from an attractive rebate. We will be pleased to send you an individual offer – contact us for details.

How will the products be classified?

Products are classified according to which specifications they have and in respect to potential customer needs and usage requirements (expert centre). For evaluation and configuration for the expert centre, you can choose the method(s) which will work most efficiently within your business processes, and which will provide the best results. The WizAdvisor can be configured in a simple evaluation process or if required with our configuration application.

Questions can have individual weighing to reflect the importance in the decision process. After initial setup the WizAdvisor offers a special section for fine tuning of the configuration. There you can test and adjust each step and each product for fine tuning.

How many WizAdvisors do I need for x amount of product groups?

When we talk about product groups we define one group as consisting of all products or services which would be evaluated as suitable options within one consultation process (one dialogue). This could be single products as well as product bundles. If you have more product groups to take care for, then you could either place several WizAdvisors in the respective area, or make one single start portal for all.

Is it possible to have a connection between my product database and the WizAdvisor?

The WizAdvisor has a defined XML-Interface, in order to allow you to automatically upload product data into the WizAdvisor as well as making updates. Data can also be downloaded from the WizAdvisor (e.g. for Backups).

Is the WizAdvisor internationally applicable?

The WizAdvisor was build to be fed with localized data and country specific settings. The WizAdvisor is equipped to deal with international fonts (UTF-8) and therefore is internationally applicable with no limits. It correctly displays characters such as Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic. If you are looking for consultancy software and you are active in more than one country, the ability to manage localized content should play an important role in your investment decision to help avoid headaches later on.

How is the WizAdvisor managed? How does the data administration work?

With the WizAdvisor backend/content management system the application can be maintained by you [see also “What is the Backend?”]. Depending on your business processes, all content can be entered by a central content editor, or decentralized by product managers or even business partners. For decentralized entry, a specific login will be created for the respective users. Via xml-interface, automatic upload and data exchange with other databases and applications can be setup.

However, the Internet-Invest team also offers to outsource maintenance, localization and updating of data, as well as creating professional reports for your marketing departments based on the statistical results of your customers’ needs and preferences. These kind of services typically can also be outsourced to your marketing communication agency partner.

For the administration you do not need to install any software as all you need is an actual web browser.

What is the Backend?

The “Backend” – also called Content Management System – is an administration area, which is accessable with a login via an Internet Explorer browser. Authorized users can alter and expand the product information and questions in the WizAdvisor, or view statistical data. Through the Backend, the overall WizAdvisor application and the content of the database can be easily maintained. The administrator does not need to have any technical knowledge of databases or web programming.

How flexible is the WizAdvisor software? What can I do if my needs change?

The heart of the WizAdvisor consists of the individual questions and product data.  The specific questions in the WizAdvisor can be changed at any time: you can change the questions, adjust the order, insert, delete or add to questions. The product data can be changed or updated at any time. The WizAdvisor has been built to be future proof, as each portfolio develops constantly, each piece of advice can be changed according to current trends and customer needs. The WizAdvisor can easily adapt to your business needs, you do not need a technician for setup changes – any administrator can do them.

How can the WizAdvisor be enhanced with or integrated into other applications and websites?

This can be done easily through a link to other web applications in order to integrate the WizAdvisor. Also static HTML-sites can be added. The WizAdvisor itself is designed to easily upload elements such as animated GIFs or Flash-Animation, in order to illustrate individual questions and make the virtual consulting process more attractive. Optionally with an XML-interface the data on the WizAdvisor can be exchanged with data from other applications and databases. If you want to integrate into an online shop, you can make the application handover the session ID so that consultation and opportunity for purchase are going hand in hand.

Can the WizAdvisor be created with my corporate design?

The layout that we use for the Demo versions is a simple and contemporary design. You can adapt this by adding your own brand and company name and create your own start page elements – all this can be done through the backend without the need for HTML programming. If you want more adaptations, i.e. to make it fully personalized to your corporate design, we can assist you in setting this up based on your needs.

Can the WizAdvisor be integrated into an existing Website?

The WizAdvisor can be used to complement your website and can be easily added as a special service to it. You can connect to it through a link and your users access it on a pop up window, or the WizAdvisor can be inserted into the frame of your website. The design can always be customized for a consistent look and feel – the Wizadvisor becomes part of your web environment. If your website has an On-line shop it would make sense to connect the shop functionalities to the WizAdvisor (Session ID).

Which Server does the WizAdvisor run on?

All Servers (Apache, IIS) with standard operating systems, such as Windows, Linux etc. You can either use your existing server, a special dedicated server from a service provider, or ask Internet Invest to take care of the hosting.

What technical requirements are needed to setup WizAdvisor?

The WizAdvisor has been developed based on open source platforms. There is no need to purchase expensive Software or Hardware as there are minimal implementation requirements. The only requirement in terms of Software is the installation of PHP, MySQL and a webserver (ISS or Apache with PHP support). The WizAdvisor runs on Linux and Windows.