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The WizAdvisor is a guided sales tool, a virtual shop assistant, that works like your sales team. We would like to introduce you to the WizAdvisor: Look at how it works and what it can do for you.

WizAdvisor suite

The WizAdvisor offers three advice modules: Selection by customer needs (application of the utility theory algorithm), Product configuration (definition of product or service features) and product presentation (compare view, data sheets). All of them are administered by a common backend(CMS), where questions, parameters and product data is accessible. CMS is available with a central access, or with distributed access to have various offerings administered by various people. Additionally you will find statistics for market research and measurement of results.

Module Auswahlhilfe, Konfiguration, Vergleich und Präsentation. Marktforschung.

Selection by specification (advise)

Like every good advisor the WizAdvisor engages the customer in an effective dialogue, then chooses and presents the best suited products, up-sell products and/or cross-sell possibilities. The work of the advisor is now done by the utility theory analysis of the WizAdvisor.

The module is able to ask for "soft facts" and needs from the clients view (needs, fields of interest, usage...) and combines them with hard facts (product features). In the dialogue the only questions presented are those that make sense due to previous inputs.

Criteria and weights for the selection process is setup by an expert system, combined with the user experience - for an optimum of processing.

Selection and advise:

Questions for Guided Selling

Advise and results:

Results: used Knowledge-management

Make Use of Community Know-How

Typically the WizAdvisor is configured by the owner, who has the expert know how. Additionally, you can make also use of the community - the wide number of web users and customers, who know your products and services and add their experience to the overall rating. An individual interface captures the community know how, and the algorithm creates a balance between expert and community rating for each step of the selection process.

Product configuration (Query for product features)

Customers state the wishes to their desired product, the following query is similar to configuration - by a composition of the desired features. The implemented feedback-function accommodates the selection with the available products. The customer chooses the desired features and the WizAdvisor finds the corresponding products.

Suche nach Eigenschaften in Form von Produktkonfiguration

Product comparison and presentation

The WizAdvisor offers various options to present a product or service, like individual comparism display. Comparison is the most common method used, when coming to a decision. Another option, the product show allows the display of more products and specific details for your clients to view. Design your product websites with WizAdvisor’s help: The powerful backend supports the maintenance of data sheets, product pictures and tables.

Alle Produktinformationen, Produktvergleich und Preisvergleich inklusive

Market research and statistics

Comprehensive statistics in the backend give you a detailed overview of what your clients really are looking for and what they want to buy.  

Save your money! Don't invest into expensive market research, the WizAdvisor backend delivers significant feedback.


Marktforschung und Wissensmanagement als Teil der WizAdvisor Lizenzen

Content management

The WizAdvisor is easy to use and offers a multitude of individual settings at the same time. The backend offers adding and editing of question sets, product information, pictures and ofther settings without technical knowledge. 

Additionally interfaces provide the up-to-dateness of the system.


Alle Daten für Produktvergleich, Preisvergleich, Produktkonfiguration und Auswahlhilfe im CMS verfügbar.

We offer the WizAdvisor suite in different licenses, all of them aligned to your demands and scale. Please, compare our license models: